15 June 2012

june - what's blooming now

June is by far my favorite month in the garden.  In fact, pretty sure I mentioned the exact same thing this time last year.  Here is a snapshot of a few things blooming right now. 

At the top left is a new favorite - Clematis florida Sieboldii or 'Passion Flower Clematis'.  Hardier in this zone than the Passiflora vines but still more tender than the other popular clematis that you would often see in the Pacific Northwest.  Below is a species of Helleborus orientalis I recently picked up- still blooming like mad since February.  Top right is a charming Euphorbia which I think looks stunning against the subdued grey tone of the siding-- really brightens up an otherwise dull corner.  And lastly of course is the flower that most of us look forward to the most this time of year- a peony!  Mine seem to be blooming much later this year, probably because of this dreary weather we've been having.  I split and transplanted these peonies last fall and they have just taken off--often location makes all the difference in the world for tender perennials.


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