3 August 2012

robin fledglings

Spotted this little robin peeking out of its nest this morning, no doubt waiting for mom to return with a mouthful of earthworms.  I think there's two in the nest, and this one is significantly larger than the other.  It looks like another few days before they leave the nest. 

Of the three nests built each year, only about 40% of them produce young, and only 25% of those survive past November.  Kind of sad but that's nature!


  1. Did your mum ever tell you that we raised two baby robins whose parents were killed by cats? We fed them worms, "taught" them to fly. They left in the fall, and the next spring, a robin landed on Grandpa's shoulder when he was in the garden.
    They were the same age as these ones, maybe a bit younger, when we rescued them. (Pretty sure Gram was the one up at the crack of dawn feeding them with an eye dropper)

    1. She never told me that! I have heard stories about the pet chipmunks, and of course 'Edna' the chicken, but never about these little robins. And to think she would hardly let me have a stick bug for a pet as a kid.

  2. As I recall, the stick bug escaped, and bred in your house. The chicken was "Erna", after "Ernie's Kentucky Fried Chicken", what KFC used to be called in Van.



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