29 August 2012

cedar post edging

I had been keeping my eye out for border edging ideas and came across this:

Photo: Donna Griffith, Canadian Gardening 'Summer 2012' issue

The back yard already has a lot of landscape rock going on, and I think it would be too busy to line the entire border with it.  It's tough to make that much rock look 'natural' in a fairly confined space.  I couldn't just have the grass next to garden, because the the border has a steep slope and the soil had to be retained somehow.

Up until now, there has just been a slope of barkmulch.

I thought this would be the kind of easy project that I could take on all by myself.  Cut out a straight line in the grass, stagger a couple 4x4's on top of each other, drill a hole here and there and pound in some rebar to keep them in place.  I was wrong, as usual, but luckily I have a good looking carpenter that doesn't mind "helping" me with projects every so often. 

This project involved laying out a string line, cutting back the sod to align perfectly with it, leveling out the soil where the posts were to be buried, measuring out the posts to have a nice staggered effect, and then screwing the posts together from the back so you don't see them once the space is back-filled with soil.  We still have to drill holes and pound in some pieces of rebar so the posts stay put once plants start growing. If you know what you're doing, you could have this little project done in a day. 

I got talked out of chopping down this tree, not sure what kind it is, but i'm kind of glad we kept it.  The box around it adds a bit of interest.  I will probably end up chopping it down sooner or later and replacing it with a Magnolia or something of the sort, but in the meantime I'm okay with it. 

 Not a good photo, but this is the adjacent side of the yard. 

I'm pumped that this will be finished before the Fall planting season sets in!  The best time to plant perennials is in the Fall so that they can develop a good root system for the next year.  The garden won't look spectacular right away, but in Spring it will be well worth it.  Plus the cedar will be a little more aged and sun-bleached by then.  I love that look of aged weathered cedar.  I didn't want to go with pressure-treated wood because of the chemicals and because it doesn't give the same look of natural wood.  So although it won't last as long, I'm sure it will last until I can think of something better!

Oh, who am I kidding.  You can see right through me, can't you?  I just wanted more garden space so I can make room for the throngs of plants I'll be purchasing next month.  Can't get enough! 


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