9 August 2012

august - what's blooming now

I like doing these monthly bloom updates; it keeps me thinking about how important it is to have year-round interest with perennials.  Timing and color combination is everything (and often the hardest part in planning a new border)!

Starting clockwise from the top-left is Echinacea 'Coconut Lime' which I mentioned just picking up a few weeks ago.  I need a macro lens to show you the white spider that lives in the stamen of these flowers.  There is also one of these spiders that live in each white calla lily bloom, and they blend in perfectly.  To the right is Hemerocallis 'Sweet Hot Chocolate', a deep burgundy variety that goes well with the nearby Acer palmatum 'Emperor'.  I have four new varieties of daylilies this year and this one has so far been the most reliable performer!

I pick up fuschia baskets every year for the front entrance, the flowers are so intricate they never cease to amaze me.  The texture is like silk ribbon perfectly woven into a beautiful bow, and to top it off they bloom profusely from around May until September.  I believe this particular double-flowering variety is called 'Blue Eyes'.

Bottom right: August would not be the same in the garden without at least a few dahlias.  Constantly reliable and fairly easy to grow, all they ask for is some staking (especially the dinner-plate varieties) and deep watering a couple times a week.  I don't even lift the tubers as most people do at first frost--they come back happily each year. Not sure of the name of this particular cultivar, the tuber was split from my mom's garden and was probably passed down a few generations. 

Another dahlia, this one at Butchart's a couple weeks back.


  1. A,

    Your garden looks absolutely beautiful. Your great grandparents would be so pleased! I believe the dahlia may have come from Nana's garden....she did love her dahlias.

    auntie s

    1. That's where I thought the dahlia was from! I'm flattered that you think it looks beautiful, but keep in mind I do tend to focus on only the very best portions of it...I'm afraid that in person, one's expectations may not be met! A gardener's work is never done though right! Nice to hear from you. xo



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