20 July 2012

july - what's blooming now

I'm very grateful for the downpour I woke up to this morning--of course this always seems to happen the morning after I've spent 2 hours watering the night before.  Oh well, these creatures below don't mind i'm sure.

The top left is my new favorite Hosta - 'June'.  Apparently i'm not the only one either...'June' was awarded the American Hosta Growers' Association Hosta of the Year  in 2001.  I decided to try it after hearing Margaret Roach rave about it in one of her blog posts. Oh and if you haven't checked out this blog, I suggest you start following her if you enjoy gardening even in the least!  She is a very talented woman.

To the right of the hosta is a new hydrangea I picked up in the Spring.  I wanted something a little different than the regular pastel color of these beautiful plants, this one is called 'Pistachio'.  I really love it so far..the flowers start out a lime green and then change into a rusty pink color.  Striking!

Bottom left is 'Gaillardia', or commonly known as 'Blanket Flower'.  I remembered these from seeing them in Whistler last year, which I originally posted about here.  Drought and heat tolerant and the slugs nor the deer seem to enjoy them!

And finally is the calla lily or 'Zantedeschia'.  This is such an easy plant to grow and on my top 10 list for sure.  You can divide every year, they make great cut flowers, good in full sun to part shade, they bloom all season and they really provide that lush tropical look that compliments a variety of landscape styles. 

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