4 May 2012

new pond pet

I was doing the annual pond-cleanout the other night and found this massive creature at the bottom.  Didn't seem to mind me much, and although american bullfrogs are not a native species, I wasn't about to remove him from his newfound home.

These bullfrogs can lay up to 78,000 eggs in one clutch, which is a little worrisome considering they devour basically anything that they can fit in their mouths, including our three native frog species.  In comparison, the Pacific Chorus frog only lays eggs in clusters of between 10 and 80.  I'd love to figure out if there's somewhere I can purchase these little green treefrogs to introduce them to our area!

2 May 2012

fear not

I've taken a bit of a lengthy unannounced break from blogging lately.  No excuses really, maybe just lost interest for a period of time.  Definitely have not lost inspiration or ideas for random nothings to write about. We have a ton of projects going on at the house as usual, but it's always fun this time of year because it involves landscaping and birds and some decent weather!

I borrowed a macro lens from my employer last week and got some great shots at the beach on a family trip to Tofino.  

I love seeing the unfurling of new fern fronds this time of year.  All the more reason to cut back last year's foliage on any evergreen ferns when you start seeing these new little guys emerging.  They seem to resemble some kind of prehistoric creature.  Intriguing and something I look forward to every spring!

Thank you for not losing all hope in me....i'll be back soon, promise......


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