2 November 2011

restoration hardware drapery

I ordered some drapery fabric swatches from Restoration Hardware today. Actually 9, in total. I did this after frantically running after my barking dog outside in the dark this morning and, whilst looking back towards the house, realizing that we have little to no privacy through one set of sliding glass doors. In the summer it's not a big deal because it's normally light when we wake up and light when we go to bed (true story; I crash that early). But when it's pitch black 60% of the time during the fall and winter, and I've come to the realization that my neighbors possibly have no interest in seeing me making coffee in a silk bathrobe with a towel on my head every morning.

We've been using Ikea grommet panels for the past couple of years, but the grommets don't slide easily and I cheaped out on the hardware so it's constantly falling apart at the center of the rod since it's such a large span. I'd like to get some nice oil-rubbed bronze hardware with sliding drapery rings to make this setup a little more user-friendly.

One thing I've never understood is why drapery panels are so expensive. I suppose '100% Belgian Linen loomed in Belgium's oldest and most honored mill' may have something to do with it.  The three below vary in price according to sheerness, but I'm still looking at around the $1000 mark all said and done for any of the three choices.  I wonder how much the material alone would cost if I were to attempt to make them myself??

Open Weave Sheers in 'linen'

Textured Belgian Linen in 'linen'

Washed Belgian Linen in 'sand'

In terms of hardware, Restoration Hardware offers a great variety of finishes including bronze, iron, silver, brass, and several shades of wood as well.  I am digging these hand-forged iron flare finials and end brackets.

 That collection might be a little too industrial-looking, so for something a little more traditional looking I like these ones from the 'Dakota Chestnut' line, too:

 I've gotta shop around a little more or make the trip over to Vancouver to see these puppies in person.  We'll see how much the fabric swatches help with the decision once I receive those in a couple of weeks.  Who knows; maybe I'm completely off my rocker in wanting to go with linen drapes?  I don't see them used often and maybe there's a reason for it...we soon shall see!

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  1. check out fabricland. can't get their good prices unless you join but if it's cheap enough for the drapes it's worth it? they also have lots of rods etc that routinely go on sale for 50% off if you're a member. also look at ikea rods etc. easy to make panels too - maybe you'll have to get your mother to teach you!!



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