12 November 2011

hardy hummers

Amidst this terrible rainstorm, the hummingbirds are still going strong and ferociously guarding their feeders.  Try to imagine what a raindrop feels like to a little hummingbird-- the equivalent of a gallon of water being poured on a human's head.  That doesn't really sound fun to me.

Here are a couple shots that really illustrate the iridescent quality of the male Anna's.  Same hummingbird, only a different angle makes his head look jet black instead of fluorescent pink.

Then he got mad at the resident photog and flew to a nearby branch.

This is a female Anna's at different feeder, who let me get much closer.

Of course I already want a lens upgrade, although looking back at older photos (like the one below), it is nice to see a difference in quality even with my lower-end current zoom lens.

So for our trip to Maui in a couple of months I decided to try out this company and rent myself a nice expensive telephoto to take with me- a EF 100-400mm L-Series IS.

I looked at a ton of reviews and this is one of the top choices among professionals for wildlife photography, before getting into the 10K+ supertelephoto lenses.  The cost is about $170 (insured) for two weeks.  Also a good option if you are in the market for a new lens but wish to try one out for a little longer than the camera shop is willing to let you!

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