4 November 2011

an apple a day

I was watching Steve Jobs' speech for the 2005 grads of Stanford the other day, and since I'm feeling extra chatty today thought I would share some of my own reflections on his philosophical suggestions!  Reviewing the remaining credit requirements for my accounting degree includes such terms as Management Cost Accounting, Quantitative Methods, Auditing, Income Tax, Applied Professional Practice.  Not terrible for a girl who loves organizing numbers, but still a little dry to say the least.  So Mr. Jobs' speech got me thinking; if I was to wake up every morning and be excited about the day ahead, what would it look like?  Well at this stage of my life, it would undoubtedly include school.  So what would this dreamland timetable look like if I was to register for classes solely based on personal interest?

Financial Accounting 5
Philosophy of Mind
Management Accounting 2
Landscape Design & Maintenance
Auditing 1
Plant Propagation 2
Accounting Theory
Physical Anthropology
Management Accounting 3
Winter Birds of Southwest B.C.
Income Tax 1
Atmospheric & Ocean Sciences
Income Tax 2
History of Architecture
Applied Professional Practice
Beyond Beginning Birding
Ethics in Business
Financial Planning 1
Corporate Finance 2
Introduction to Graphic Design
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Social Psychology
Investments 2
Kitchen & Bath Design 2
Advanced Operations Management
Introduction to Cantonese 1
Tax Planning for Succession
Landscape and Wildlife Photography
Organizational Behavior
AutoCAD Level 1
International Trade & Finance

Birds on the Move: Flight & Migration

That little exercise was kinda fun. I suppose there's no reason why I couldn't take any of these classes, but there's not really a guaranteed career opportunity after this random basket of classes.  (Although no career after a degree is guaranteed, I suppose, but an accounting degree might be a little more reliable for this purpose.)

I would by no means be an expert in any one area, but I would be a little educated in each of my favorite subjects!  In this dreamland I would graduate with a Bachelor's degree of Ornithology, with a minor in Interior Design and a major in Anthropological Psycho-Philosophical Horticulture and Photography. Wow What a combo.  I'm sure I would be a great candidate for a high-profile career with those letters behind my name.

But realistically, unless you are a brilliant innovator and visionary like Steve Jobs, it can be tough to find a career that you can wake up and truly be excited about every morning, while trying to live on a sustainable income so that you can enjoy life outside life outside of work as well.  There is no easy answer, but Steve put it well when he stated, "...the only way to do great work is to love what you do.  If you haven't found it yet, keep looking."  I am inspired by this quote, although I do think it's fairly misleading.  There is no guarantee of financial success by simply doing what you love to do.  Unless, of course, your passions in life are computer programming and advanced mathematics.  (Not sure how many folks have gotten rich by studying birds.)  And what I mean is that although financial success is obviously not required to feel content in your career, it certainly can make life a little easier.  Ideally one would have the best of both worlds!

Anyways, check out Mr. Jobs' speech in the link above.  He was a brilliant guy with a really neat story to share.

These photos have nothing to do with my ramblings above in case you were wondering; just camera practice.  It's nice to have such a patient male model.

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