17 October 2011

monday mashup

This is not your typical innovative gourmet blogger recipe--not that you should be expecting that, this blog being quite the opposite of any sort of credible culinary source.  But nonetheless, it's what I've been busy with in the kitchen with for the past few weeks.

 And what is that, you ask?  Right here we have some blended chicken corn chowder accompanied by a hash of beef and tomato ravioli. Yummy.  Not really though.  I am learning pretty fast that texture makes up a decent portion of being able to enjoy tolerate a meal.  My friend still has another three weeks with a wired jaw and one can only remain sane for so long after consuming gallons of protein shakes and apple sauce.  So we've been experimenting with a few different dishes, although the favorite so far is blended homemade turkey soup, with a side of mashed potatoes thinned out with heaps of gravy.  A real man's meal!

Next up we're going to try some different homemade soups, maybe one with prime rib and another with salmon and cheese.  Homemade is the key word here- blended canned soup seems to be just as terrible as hospital food.  Also key is PROTEIN for the rebuilding of muscle mass.  I'm learning lots as you can see.

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