10 October 2011

late harvest

Remember here, back in August when I was fretting about all sorts of potential tomato problems?  I can now say that all my worrying was for nothing, because yesterday I started picking some of my ripest Romas and they are perrrfect in every way.  This is probably my first successful year and wow it is satisfying eating something you've put four months of TLC into.  It's no wonder that farming is one of the least profitable industries once your own labour is factored into the costs.  By the time you take into consideration the seed/seedling cost, soil, fertilizer, water, lost sleep worrying about late blight, and all the time spent caging and tending to these plants, there is absolutely no way anyone in their right minds can say they 'saved' money by growing their own vegetables!  However, it is highly rewarding and wonderfully tasty, not to mention easy to do if you spend time out in your garden anyways.  Plus, you know exactly where your food came from which in some ways is a priceless benefit.

And just because the prime garden season is winding down, here are a few other late bloomers in my yard right now... 

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