5 October 2011

before and after: exterior painting

Finally, the big reveal!

Here is what we started with in 2009.

And here is what it looks like today.  (Well, maybe not today because it is miserable outside but you get the idea.)

A nice and refreshing change isn't it?  Here are some more before and after shots as well...

Still have to sand and stain the front door a different color.  And maybe spray paint the door hardware and get a new light as well. Oh and chisel out all that rock and update it with something a little more cohesive.  Hell, might as well tear down and rebuild the entire house while we're at it.  But seriously, I love that we chose to do the knee braces in the same color as the trim.  It makes them stand out a little more as an interesting architectural detail. 

Cromwell Gray HC-104
Clarksville Gray HC-102

Still trying to decide on gutter colors!  Must stop procrastinating on that before the fall rains really set in. 

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