27 October 2011


Since mentioning my new lens last week, I realized I haven't shared any details or photos yet.  It's definitely no fancy pro wildlife telephoto lens, but the Canon EF 75-300mm f/4.0-5.6 USM lens is exactly what I needed to get started in this area of photography.

Here are some sample birdie shots I've captured within the last week.

A curious Dark-eyed Junco...we get a ton of these guys every Fall and Winter.

A female Anna's Hummingbird.  The bright pink 'gorget' is not actually the feather color, but it's iridescence when angled certain ways to catch the light. You can tell it's a female because of the small iridescent throat and head patch.  The male's gorget is much larger and appears as more of a balaclava than the small bib of the female.

A Northern Red-Shafted Flicker.  It's hard to tell from this photo if it is a male or female.  The males have bright red cheeks, although both sexes have amazing plumage.

These are American Robins.  They travel in huge flocks (up to a quarter million birds) this time of year to roost and eat berries.

This is a shot of a Pileated Woodpecker that I spotted through the window.  You already know from this post whether it is a female or male, right?

So that's all of the bird photos that I've really had time to take since getting this lens.  I heard three Barred Owls this morning so I'm hoping to get some good shots of them this weekend.  I am very much a fair-weather birder, meaning most of these were taken through my living room windows while I sat in front of a blaring fireplace.  I need to venture outside in some warm clothes and try to be patient for more than ten minutes to try and get some worthwhile shots!

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