9 September 2011

totes magotes

Although I'm only taking two classes this semester, the texts are a little cumbersome to say the least. 

Especially when getting in and out of my car while trying to appear somewhat graceful.  This routine usually consists of rummaging around in my back seat for the proper books, setting my current shoulder bag on the ground next to my car, and organizing everything on the pavement for the long trek to class. I'd really love to upgrade to a high quality leather tote that will hold everything in its place, including heavy books and occasionally the new camera.  Something that will look just as good to and from the office as it will getting groceries or walking to class.

So lately I have my eye on this puppy:

The 'Sorority Tote' is 100% Italian leather and hand-rubbed to give it that lovely vintage patina look.  I've never owned a Roots bag but hear great things about them.

Photos here

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