15 September 2011

cowhide patchwork

I picked up a great pillow yesterday from Homesense (thanks to my lovely and stylish aunts for the bday gift card).  I was trying to find a second one to make a pair, but someone must have sniped it already.  It's a cream coloured down-filled patchwork cowhide fabric, and I just love it!

I'm trying it on one of my dark velvet chairs for now to lighten it up a bit in there. 


I'm not so sure how I feel about cowhide patchwork in a larger format like a rug, though.

Photo: Destination BCN 

 Photo: Clayton Gray Home

Hmm all that patchwork is maybe a little too busy for my taste.  I'd rather just stick with the tried and true full cowhide rug.   And you know the greatest thing about them?  Impossible to stain (which is good news in my house).  Think about it; if you spilled a glass of red wine on your pet cow, do you think she would be permanently rouge?  Obviously not.  So if you spill anything it's just wiped clean very easily. 

I would own 10 of them if only that wouldn't make me look like an enthusiastic taxidermist.  So I'll just have to make do with one rug and one pillow, which is fine for now! 

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  1. Glad you made good use of the card! It's always nice to be called lovely and stylish!



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