23 September 2011

another time waster

So I jumped on the bandwagon and joined Pinterest today.  I can see it being a very practical tool for easily corralling any inspirational pics in one place.  I tried to do this in an iPhoto album but found myself getting lazy and not wanting to take the extra 4.28 seconds to right click, save, name the file, and choose the appropriate folder.  Also, if I ever wanted to use any of these pics on the ol' blog, of course I could never find any photo credit or source info to include.

I didn't quite understand how this whole thing worked until I just started using it (much like everything else in my life).  Basically you can install a button called "Pin It" that shows up on your internet browser's bookmark bar.  This allows you to 'pin' any image you happen to come across in your web-surfing adventures, but without the annoying part of having to login to anything or interrupt your surfing activities, whatever those may be!

You can create different 'boards' for different interests or categories like house, garden, cooking, flooring ideas, table lamps, textile patterns, etc, etc.  Then you can follow other users and 're-pin' any of their images and vice-versa.  Plus it automatically grabs the source link so it becomes much easier to credit the people that created the image in the first place.

Kinda handy when you're scratching your head trying to remember just where the heck you found that photo of the stone pathway idea or which blog showed images of a great combination of hosta varieties.

Soo, in conclusion, just another really great procrastination tool!  You're welcome.  Click on the red button on the top right to check out what I 'pinned' today.

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