16 August 2011

tomato, tomahto

I am trying my hand thumb at Roma tomatoes this year.  They're the kind I normally buy during the [dreaded] weekly grocery shop; I like them because they're meaty and they often stay firm longer than beefsteak's or the on-the-vine greenhouse varieties.  Beefsteak's are still my top choice for burgers and sandwiches but you just can't beat Roma's for use in salsa, guacamole, souvlaki wraps, or enchilada sauce. 

They are definitely looking a little sparse compared to last year's variety; this may be due to the strange weather we had going into summer, or maybe because I never fertilized as I probably should have.  There are about 15 good size fruits that look like they'll be ready in the coming weeks, but nothing compared to last year.  Even the foliage is looking a little meager.

Then I was eying them up closely this weekend and spotted something on a few leaves that looks like blight.  It's seems as though if it's not one thing,  it's another.  Especially with tomatoes.  I did find a great website with a lot of information on the many different tomato diseases that can affect all different cultivars.  You can check it out here if you're ever fretting about your little lovely red gems.  I am pretty sure what I am dealing with here is another case of "Late Blight", and if this is true, I will need to completely remove all the soil after this crop and start fresh next year.  I have been trimming the leaves and/or stems off that are visibly affected, but I'm hoping the plants can just hang in there for another week or so! 

Of course I can always count on the 100 year-old apple tree if all else fails.  Every single year we end up with so much fruit I don't know what to do with it all.  I've thought about making apple cider, but I'm not sure I want to be intoxicated until at least Christmas.  I am trying to use it up in crumbles, cobblers, crisps, and pies, but there's really only so much baking I should consume if I want to fit into my Fall wardrobe.  A lot of the crop is going to our neighbor's horse which is apparently appreciating it.  I am considering contacting this company, which visits private residences by appointment to pick fruit trees and then distributes to food banks and community organizations in the area.

Check back tomorrow to see my purchases from the Homesense Victoria grand opening today.  Yippeee!!!

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