18 August 2011

quirky critters

I was checking out a before and after post on Apartment Therapy today, of a lovely little 1940's kitchen reno.  Here is one of the "after" shots.

One thing stood out to me right away- the uber cool art card of the whales.  I'm a sucker for quirky little prints, especially when they involve anything to do with animals or the ocean.  I found out that it is from a company out of Brooklyn, NY called enormous champion.  I checked out their site and they have a ton of other neat art cards and greetings.  But the whales are still my fav.

Alright well maybe this little guy too.  Who can say no to a fuzzy little Emperor Penguin chick?

This is a kitchen towel made of 100% Belgian linen.  Wouldn't that be pleasant to dry your hands off with a herd of giraffe, squirrels, and anteaters each day?  Don't mind if I do.

You can take a look here at some of the other neat finds including tea towels, notecards, and prints.

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