15 August 2011

phal fail

Does anyone actually attempt to get Phalaenopsis to bloom after the greenhouse-nurtured flowers have disintegrated?  If so, I'd love to hear from you.  My sorry attempts have resulted in many o' these sad looking sticks:

I've tried everything...cutting back the entire stem, cutting back to the next new-looking growth, expensive orchid fertilizer, the right humidity, temperature, patience, the list goes on.  

For $14, these ugly sticks are easily replaced ever 2-3 months.  But I carry intense guilt each time I chuck their mossy little roots into the compost, because I know that deep down, the plant is still alive and kickin'.   

Although, that guilty feeling seems to fade fast whenever a new one makes an appearance.

They seem to be a decorator's best friend, adding instant interest to any space.  As a sculptural element atop a bedroom dresser, bathroom counter, accent table, or to add a shot of color, and they're cheap compared to an average bouquet of blooms that last less than a week. 


  1. fake stems of flowers stuck in with the live leaves are my answer.....

  2. But that's just a temporary fix..does the live plant ever actually bloom again?

  3. Hey Alison- I have a closet obsession with orchids and I have found the best thing to do is nothing- the stem will die and take its own course and in about 4-6 monthes you will have a new stem emerge from the same spot- they typically only bloom twice a year- so, maybe by a few at different times and stick the non-blooming one in a bathroom (they love the humidity from showers) until it starts again-



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