17 August 2011

grand opening finds

Yesterday I was one of the crazy 300+ women waiting in line for the HomeSense grand opening in Victoria.  I picked up a few items, although I really had to hold myself back on a beautiful industrial style metal and wood side table.  Here are some of my finds:

A couple of down-filled throw pillows with a really interesting texture.  They are a nice contrast to the dark leather in the living room.

Also got a white ceramic lotus thingy.  I suppose I could put a candle or keys or jewelry or something in it.

And a cluster of giant purple barnacles.

We had actually picked up a cluster last year in Maui, although we paid about 4X the price (tourist trap much?).  I have those on a bedside table.

I love how they add an organic texture to the space.  I think it's important to have a little bit of the beach in every room of the house!

Here are a few shots of how others have used barnacles as decor...

Photo: Elle Decor

Really lovely with the pink peonies in the last photo.

So all in all not a bad shopping trip.  Super excited to check back every month or so to see what's new in stock.

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