7 August 2011

gates: check

Lots of action around here this weekend.  But first I wanted to post about the fence gates that we installed recently.  To compliment the horizontal cable between the fence posts, I was hoping to do something like this:

I thought it had a really nice modern and Japanese-y feel to it, and the design itself looked simple enough to replicate.  When I presented this brilliant idea to the carpenter of the house, he told me that since there was no diagonal support, it would sag over time because the slats have space to move.  And nobody likes a saggy gate.  

I ended up settling with the same design as above, but with no spaces in between the slats.  This way we could get away without having diagonal support which I was hoping to avoid all along.  So we used six inch tongue-and-groove cedar and used the same size slats throughout. I was thinking there might be too much going on if we started getting into varying widths of this stuff.

Sanded the heck out of it...

Stained it with one coat of Benjamin Moore's water-based transparent exterior stain in "Teak"...

Spray painted the galvanized hinges in a matte black to match the post saddles, and we were off to the races...

 Kinda neat, huh?  Glad to have those in.

Last weekend we went to Victoria Specialty Hardware to look at latch designs.  I was hoping for something a little out of the ordinary, and of course at this store I found it.  Ordered two of these:

Sold bronze slide-bolt latches made by the California company Coastal Bronze.  This metal will last a lifetime and it ages beautifully too.  Unfortunately we'll have to wait another two weeks for these to come in but I think it will be well worth it!

Most of the time I can find products for much cheaper ordering directly from the manufacturer or finding an online distributor, but in this case VSH were not only the best price but also very knowledgeable and helpful.  Definitely go there if you're doing a bathroom reno...some of the most amazing fixtures I've ever seen!  

You may be wondering why we didn't use hardware from the same line for the hinges as well.  As much as I'd like my gates to be matchy-matchy, I wasn't willing to drop a thousand bucks on matching solid bronze hardware!  Maybe we will upgrade one piece of hardware each year.  :P

pssst...you can see the finished fence project here!

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  1. Love it!
    Been looking for simple straightforward hinges like that... do you remember where you found those? Thanks!!



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