26 August 2011

window box

This week the particular item I am jonesing for happens to relate to house siding, meaning I can't put it off any longer and must share a photo of the finished paint job on the front of the house.  So here ya go...

We ended up using Cromwell Gray HC-103 for the body, and Clarksville Gray HC-102 for the window trim and fascia.

It looks different on each side of the house; sometimes a blue-gray, sometimes more greenish, and in other lights is looks pale gray and sometimes even a beige tone.   What I like about it most is that we blend in with our surroundings now.  The red stain we had before was slightly charming, but just didn't fit in and wasn't my style.

So this weekend we'll be painting the rest of the trim on the other three sides of the house.  This is a painstakingly slow process- there are about 23 of these knee braces and each one takes about 30 minutes on a wobbly ladder.   Also we have cedar soffit, and not the vinyl stuff that most homes are built with now.  Good looking, but also very time consuming and unpleasant to have paint dripping in your eyeball (true story).

Anyways, back to the greed bit of this post. I was just painting our new house numbers last night (the old ones broke in half upon removal), and it got me thinking about other details for the outside of the house.  New gutters, downspouts (rain chains?), window trim detail, and hopefully one of these babies.

A charming window flower box. Just one for the front window of the house, because it's the only window you can see from the street. More than one might be a pain in terms of the maintenance factor.  A couple of our neighbours have them and they add that extra bit of architectural interest. 

Now just have to come up with some kind of design for this box, and incorporate some sort of liner so that the runoff water doesn't rot the wood.

...my talent truly astonishes me sometimes.

But seriously, you get the idea, right?  It needs an extra something on this front face, and I think a nice window box might just do it.

Enjoy your weekend.

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