23 August 2011

flavour trail

This weekend I went on a tour of some of the local organic farms that we have here on the Saanich Peninsula.  A few of my favorite stops were Victoria Lavender Farm, The Muse Winery, and Kildara Farms

The lavender farm was amazing; I had no idea how many varieties of this stuff existed!  It was in such a tranquil setting, with the overpowering scent of fresh cut lavender, the beautifully kept field which was chalk-full of these blooming plants, as well as the owners' many different farm "pets" including a family of peacocks, doves, chickens, ducks, cats, and dogs.  A truly inspiring piece of property!

I know what you're thinking; and, NO I did not drag this guy back to my car...

Next stop; Kildara Farms which is situated on a 30 acre property with amazing ocean views of Deep Cove.  It is the largest producer of salad greens in the entire province and also produces many other type of fruits and vegetables as well as pork, chicken, and eggs.  I was saying to my mom how strange it is to have this vision of what a working farm looks like; rolling hills of grazing pastures, neatly kept glass greenhouses, cobblestone pathways, a clean-ish chicken coop surrounded by acres of perfectly parallel rows of lettuce.  It's been a longtime dream of mine to own an organic farm like what I just described.

Apparently I have a lot to learn about farming.  A working farm is no place for order or tidiness or cleanliness.  Rusty tools, broken-down trucks, overgrown blackberry bushes, mud, dust, and weeds galore is the reality of owning a farm.

This is the seed house where they start many of their plantings.

The greenhouse for peppers...

Over 5000 heirloom tomato plants...

These cute but stinky guys are going for slaughter in January.  It pains me to hear this; I'd prefer to picture my Saturday morning bacon being grown on trees in Arkansas or something of the sort.

A winery was a good way to end the day.  It was, believe it or nor, my very first official wine tasting.  And boy am I an amateur.  I ended up purchasing a bottle of Pino Gris, but more because of the name "Legally Blonde" than the grapes or viscosity that I learned about.  Terrible, I know.

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