3 August 2011

down to the wire

See what I did there?  I know; so witty, so witty.

The gates are in, the holes are drilled, so we are just waiting on the swaged stainless cable to come from Blackline Marine.  It was quite a process deciding on all the fittings and measurements...

We ended up choosing a flush mount fitting so that we didn't need to drill through the entire six inches of each terminal post.

These ones go at the start of each run:

And these turnbuckles are at the end of each run... 

They are used to tighten the stainless cable between each post.  And they are pricey. We could have done the job without them, however even if we could pre-tension the cable enough during install, there would still be a risk of it stretching out over time due to the dog leaning against it, posts settling, regular wear-and-tear, etc.

All of this hardware comes from Connecticut so now it's just a waiting game.

Le sigh.

On the right side of the photo above you can get a glimpse of one of the gates.  I am really excited about these gates so I want to do a whole post on them.  Check back for full details and photos of these beautiful gates!

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