2 August 2011

the chosen one

Cromwell Gray.

No turning back now!  We are done about 75% of the siding.  As you can see, still undecided on the trim color(s?).   I tried one section in a leftover sample of Clarksville Gray...

I like the color combination together but am not convinced about a lighter trim yet.  Considering trying a few more charcoal tones to get more of a west-coast modern look than a country rancher look that white and cream trim can often create.

Black Iron
Black Tar
Ebony King
Kendall Charcoal
Iron Mountain

So many samples ahhhh!

Thankfully it looks like we might be able to get away with a single coat by using this high quality opaque stain.  There are so many plants that grow up the side of our house; I have had to chop down a couple of Clematis already and somehow I have to get in behind a peach tree among other things.  

I can almost taste it we're so close!  Detailed before and after pics coming soon!

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