5 August 2011

breaking tradition

Today I am taking a break from writing a "Friday Wants" post and instead am focusing on something a little more important.  Last night I was driving home from school along a beautiful country road lined with massive arbutus trees which were intermittently shielded the summer evening sun.  It seems to happen every couple of months, a sort of epiphany makes its way into my mind and makes me forget about everything else in life but what's happening right now in that very moment.

And no, I hadn't opened the Stoli yet thank you very much.

It may have had something to do with the Nicki Minaj song that was playing, or maybe my fresh pedicure, or possibly just having finished a pretty interesting quantitative methods class, but I was feeling so GOOD at that moment about how lucky I am to live in this beautiful place!

Being able to look out my classroom window into fields of Garry Oak trees, watching the Red-Tailed Hawks circle overhead, and hearing the Anna's hummingbirds chattering away.  Driving by deer grazing alongside a blueberry field.  Walking with the dog along one of the most beautiful beaches on the Peninsula while hearing Caspian Terns diving for fish in the distance.  Man, we are so lucky to have the freedom and ability to do whatever, whenever we want to do it. 

One of my best buds recently ran a half marathon to raise awareness of the extreme poverty in Malawi.  The charity is focusing on building sustainable water stations for the millions of people who need safe access to clean drinking water.  My in-laws have also recently opened an orphanage in Kakuma, Kenya to help fund educational programs for children that would otherwise not be able to afford any level of schooling.  THESE ARE THE BASIC NECESSITIES OF HUMAN LIFE, and I complain about my bronze gate latches costing $300?  Seems a little greedy to say the least.  Which is why I felt the need to take a break from focusing on more THINGS that I want, and instead focus on what I already HAVE.  It's important to do every once in a while, no?

I am fortunate to be reminded of this often, because of the multicultural work environment I am a part of.  I work with Germans, Indonesians, Syrians, and a Japanese fellow, and they all came to Canada with little to nothing, not knowing anyone, under extraordinary circumstances.  You ask any one of them, of all places, why did they choose Victoria?  I am always given a strange look as if this was a completely redundant question.  The answer always involves something about the incredible beauty and freedom of this place.  The flowers, the ocean, the mountains, the people, the forests, the space

Even though we see an average of 2 feet of rain per year, our economy has seen better times, and there will always be political problems (as with other countries), I love this place more than ever before.

Listening to the ravens on my back deck typing this post, it is easy to be reminded that all we have to do is open our eyes and ears at what we have around us here on the west coast to appreciate what really matters in life.

Have a great weekend in wherever it is you call home!

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  1. I get the same feeling coming home from camping, feeling the clean carpet on my feet, the miracle of fresh drinking water coming from the tap, light, warmth, shelter, not to mention, my own toilet.



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