25 July 2011

white summer

Hate to admit it, but the best place to catch up on the latest design magazines is on the ferry back from the big city.  Lucky for me, this weekend's sailing wasn't too busy and I spent a good amount of time doing some "browsing" in the overpriced gift shop.  A design trend I am really noticing this summer is the color WHITE.  It seems that almost every article in Elle Decor, Canadian House & Home, Style at Home, Lonny Magazine, and House Beautiful are all featuring homes with stark white walls.  Maybe this tends to happen every summer but I am noticing it way more this year in particular.

Nothing wrong with it, it just has to be done right!  White walls put more of the focus on art and furniture, so it's important to take note of this before you paint over your pale gray walls that we've seen everywhere in the last few years.  And, of course there are hundreds of different shades of white that can evoke a myriad of different feelings in a room.  From calm and clean to warm and inviting, modern to historical, or to draw attention to an interesting accent color, there is no question that whites are here to stay!  

Here are some of my fav white living rooms that I've seen lately.  Some of these seriously make me reconsider the grey-green color in my living room.

Loving this look...crisp white walls with an aged leather piece, a cowhide rug, an industrial style floor lamp, with some mixed accents of natural materials like wood, seashells, flowers, and natural linen.  So airy and fresh yet casual and with personality.  Throw some typography and ikat in there, and I'm right at home.

All photos here from Lonny Magazine


  1. I love all these rooms! White is right! I love your hummingbird pictures too- they are amazing creatures!

  2. White is definitely right! haha



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