21 July 2011

new border and some jimmy f

I've been meaning to post some photos after the ornamental grasses class last week of a new little garden space I created.  I picked up three Autumn Ferns Dryopteris erythrosora  and a five more Japanese Forest Grasses.  I probably could have gotten away with only three and letting them fill in over a couple years but I just don't have the patience for that type of thing.  Anyhow, I'm happy how this turned out.  It is right beside a little patio area (which we rarely use because of les mosquitos enormes), but it adds a nice pop of colour into an otherwise drab looking shady corner.

Excuse the quality of the closeup of the fern.  I was trying to capture it's interesting texture and show how some of the edges turn into a striking orange colour.  Fail!

Also picked up another hardy fuschia to go next to some recently transplanted hostas.  I was horrified to find that the deer had gotten to the hostas, right after I finished bragging to a friend about what a good garden guard dog I have.

One thing I'm learning as an amateur gardener is that sometimes it is best just to look forward to the next year!  The hostas were small anyways and will be much happier here than where they used to be.  I'll just have to hope that some deterrent spray will keep the deer away next year.

On a totally unrelated topic, here is a clip of Ryan Gosling on Jimmy Fallon last night.  There is something about Ryan's demeanor that makes a story about his Turkish bath experience absolutely hilarious.  That and his dog, George, who sports a mohawk and a red sock.

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