6 July 2011

more colorful critters

Before I write any more posts about house nonsense, I have to share some more neat shots from our Canada Day long weekend...

 There seemed to be two Bald Eagle families in the area, and one couple apparently wasn't pleased with the other invading its territory.  Each pair would sit in trees opposite each other and make so much noise until finally one would fly down and try to knock the other off of its perch.  I had never seen anything like it!


Maybe trying to protect one of their young that was perching close by...

Turns out there was three eaglets, and a fourth also soon after stopped by.  Here the male is watching over the young who seemed very interested with our Chinook salmon carcasses.

 The males, although identical in plumage, are much smaller than females.  They live about 20 years, mate for life, and have 1-3 eggs every year!  If you haven't checked out David Hancock's live Eagle Cam, I highly recommend doing so.  The eaglets are so cool to watch up close, especially if you've been following them since they were first hatching.

We made salmon sashimi with these fresh Chinook:

 This is a shot of a Cedar Waxwing we spotted from our deck.  Unfortunately he was too preoccupied with the salmon berries to strike a pose. 

Obviously I can't take credit for the photo below, but here is a better shot of the plumage.  They are called waxwings because those red and yellow tips on the wings and tail feathers are actually a waxy secretion, which changes color depending on their diet.   These are also some pretty neat birds; sometimes that gorge themselves with so many fermented berries that they actually get intoxicated and are unable to fly.  I think we would get along well.  

 Photo: Debbie McKenzie

A cute little guy feasting on salmon berries...

Probably the best shot of the weekend; a humpback breaching about 10 miles offshore when we were out fishing for salmon.  These guys are only here for a few months to feed, until they make the annual 5000 kilometer migration to tropical waters for breeding. 

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  1. Oh my goodness you have some crazy photos!!! What a cool weekend- that last shot is priceless!



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