5 July 2011

landscape lighting

Even though I'm loving these summer days, I can't help thinking that it will be over as soon as it started, and we'll be back to those dreary dark Fall evenings.

I've had landscape lighting in the back of my mind for a while now (among other things, you're probably noticing).  About half of our front yard is already wired, and although the existing lights are cheap looking, I love me some subtle luminous garden pathways in those dark evenings.

In my extensive research on landscape lighting, I have learned that the two big manufacturers are Hinkley and Kischler.  Conveniently, they also seem to be the most expensive manufacturers.  Home Depot carries a decent line of Hampton Bay outdoor lighting, but the quality just isn't the same.  And of course I wouldn't expect it to be the same; a big box store isn't going to turn around $100 pathway lights very swiftly.  

$100 pathway lights may or may not seem exorbitant to you.  That price didn't floor me at first...it was only until I added up how many I needed that I may have dry heaved a little.  

I am loving the clean, Japanese-inspired shapes and the bronze finish would look smashing against the new house paint color and fence stain.  My invisible shopping cart is filled with 15 Hinkley Harbor Bronze finish pathway lights, 5 Hinkley Hardy Island Matte Bronze finish flood lights, and 11 Hinkley Hardy Island one-light deck lamps.  The total is $2700, and that's the best price I've found.  Oh and that's not even including the electrical wire and other hardware needed for the installation.  Insert sad face here.  

Here is the pathway that I wish to illuminate.

And replace these plastic intermittently-cooperating junkers:

Yes, that's a broken light base which I "accidentally" drove over last week.

I am determined to somehow be able to afford these or find alternate means of fulfilling this requirement on the growing "to-do list"!  I will let you know how I make out with that.

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