27 July 2011

geeky groceries

Nerd alert; don't say I didn't warn you...

I think I must still have statistics on my mind from my class last night, and I've been wanting to do an analysis on this topic anyways so why not share it with the world?

With all this talk about the cost of food on the rise, everyone must be noticing it on their grocery bills.  I know I am.  A prof of mine recently told me that he guarantees that in my own lifetime, a loaf of bread will reach $100.  It will become a luxury, and no longer a necessity.   It's a scary thought and makes me long to become more self-sufficient and produce more of my own food.  My raised vegetable beds and apple trees are a start but I'd also like to eventually get a few laying hens and get back into the habit of baking all my own breads.

Anyways.  Back to my grocery bill.  Often I wonder how much money I'm really saving by packing our own lunches every day.  When I can get a fresh sandwich, a drink, and a snack around the corner for $9, it really makes me think hard about my $150/week food expenditures.

So I'm going to do an analysis, right here right now and save you the effort in trying to figure it out for yourself.  Not that you would be ridiculous enough to do it on your own anyways.

An average lunch for my other half consists of:
  • a turkey and swiss sandwich on a sub bun with cucumber, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard
  • a piece of fruit
  • a granola bar
  • a yogurt cup
  • half a bottle of juice
  • a chicken samosa or other deli-made concoction
  • some trail mix

This might sound like more than the average person, but not if you're a carpenter burning approx 2200 calories just at work alone.

I'll save you the detailed calculations on how I found out that a 488mL bottle of mayonnaise lasts approximately 3.2 months or through 128 sandwiches, but here is the summarized data:

1 sub bun                  .50
50g fat-free turkey   1.50
green leaf lettuce       .16
2 roma tomato slices .15
1 slice swiss cheese  .40
5 cucumber slices     .12
mayonnaise              .03
dijonnaise                 .06

1 naval orange        1.12
1 granola bar            .56
1 samosa                  .99
1/2 bottle juice        1.70
1 yogurt                   .50
150g trail mix         1.85

Total $9.64

9.64????!!!!  Plus the opportunity cost involved in dragging myself out of bed every morning and spending a solid 20 minutes constructing it.  Doesn't seem right does it?  Of course there are some costs that could be cut back and variables involved, especially during the times of the season where I can harvest my own lettuce and tomatoes and apples, or if there happens to be a sale on any of the items.  However, at some point a line must be drawn between cheap eating and healthy eating.

Sometimes you get so used to doing the same thing for so many years, you forget to review the basic costs involved.

Maybe brown-baggin it will be a thing of the past?  The world is changing...


  1. Anonymous27 July, 2011

    Old fart here. I've been saving money and eating healthier by making our own granola bars. Buy the large tub of yogurt, and put it in a re-usable container. If you roast a chicken or a chunk of turkey or beef at home, the sandwich meat is cheaper. Water and a piece of fruit is cheaper and healthier than juice.
    Yes, I am a relative from your mother's side of the family

  2. I guess a large part of what I'm paying for is the convenience factor. Between work and school and seemingly constant house reno's, I need to somehow find the time for more meal prep! I've tried the water thing but the next day i'll notice a $3.50 Redbull on the visa! I just can't win.

  3. Anonymous27 July, 2011

    yes - for $9.00 you can MAYBE get a sandwich, drink and snack but no way could you get the amount of food your carpenter is packing in his lunch for 9.00!!! also - you know what's gone into your food e.g. less salt and preservatives!look for the sales - different lunch meat is on sale each week - vary the diet! buy larger bulk amounts and split up for lunches. from guess who!

  4. I can't believe you did those calculations! I bet in the time it took you to calculate how many sandwiches you can get out of a jar of mayonaise you could've made 2.34567198 sandwiches hahaha love this post. -Katie



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