22 July 2011

canon dslr

If I'm going to continue pumping out some quality posts for the foreseeable future, my secondhand Canon PowerShot  is simply not going to suffice for much longer. And an entry-level-beginner-SLR-user's camera just won't do, I want the best of the best obviously.  And right now it seems to be the Canon 5D Mark II, at the steep price of $3600 ($2700 for body only).  I figure if I want to get any good at photographing birds and interiors and landscapes, I will need a good quality camera.  I realize that just having a nice camera isn't even the half of being able to capture the perfect shot, but it's a close start!

I don't want to spend $1000 on a more entry level model only to end up wanting to upgrade the next year.  I'll probably end up with something in the mid-range of professional DSLR's, but she's a beaut above, isn't she?

When I have a new hobby, I tend to obsessively immerse myself in the subject until I'm satisfied.  (Right now it's blogging, before this it was ancestry, before that it was running, etc, etc.)  Meaning it's only a matter of time before I will end up in photography classes and sorting through thousands of wildlife photos on my computer trying to master those perfect shots.  Until then, I will just continue to stalk pro birding photographers on Flickr.

All photos here by Grant Brummet, using Canon 5D Mark II

Ya, I definitely have a thing for hummingbirds.  But right now, I definitely don't have a thing for photographing them well. 

I feel ashamed for not being able to capture these little gems in a more accurate light!  Yup, definitely time for a camera upgrade.

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