14 July 2011

attic masters

Always wanted a converted attic master bedroom.  Maybe someday we will add another story so I can have sweet dreams in this coveted nesting habitat.

Photos: here by Adrienne Breaux

Photos: here by Andie Wurster

Photo: SocketSite

Photo: diy network

Photo: NY Times

So cozy and airy and separate from the rest of the house.  I wish I had photos of my favorite attic master suite--I went on a self-guided home tour a couple of years ago and there was a tiny inconspicuous stairwell that lead to an expansive, yet intimate master suite with a very open floor plan.  The light was pouring in through all the skylights and there was no boundary between where the bedroom ended and the bathroom began.  Everything flowed so well and it felt like it belonged in a luxury resort.   A lot of the best converted attics seem to work well with Craftsman-style homes from the 30's.  

Attic bedrooms are kinda like adult-sized forts, and I like forts.  

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