20 July 2011

7/20 top ten

1.     Madeline Weinrib's chevron carpets
2.     Chuy's blog
3.     $19 haircuts
4.     paintings by Cori Creed
5.     fresh cut calla lillies
6.     Two Against One by Danger Mouse/Daniele Luppi ft. Jack White
7.     my grandfather who will be 90 next week
8.     my new Aspects hummingbird feeder
9.     these Nike kicks
10.    the new issue of Lonny Magazine


  1. Anonymous20 July, 2011

    where is cori creed from - where did you find her work?

  2. One of her pieces was featured in a Western Living mag home tour. It was incredible, a huge oversize canvas of a raven. Did you scroll down and see the Tanager? She is so talented with birds and arbutus trees. I contacted her to see if she sold prints but no dice :( Maybe one day...

    She does have an exhibit coming up this fall at a gallery on Granville..i'd like to see that!



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