11 July 2011

50,000 kinds

...of grasses, that is.  This is one of the neat facts I learned this weekend at a class on ornamental grasses at one of the local nurseries.  We learned about the creative uses of grasses in landscaping, and the effects they can have when used as screens, in borders, focal points, in mass plantings, as accents, and as groundcover.   Here are some shots from the tour that followed the class...

Imperata (Japanese Blood Grass) is striking as an accent here, and becomes more and more red as the season progresses.

This is just a neat pond scene that I wanted to capture, with a few different types of grasses.  

Obviously they are having much better luck with Japanese Forest Grass than I am!  It looked so cool flowing down this sloped bed.

I have always used grasses since I started my current garden, mainly for their drought/deer resistant quality and generally interesting look; however, this photo was my initial inspiration:

Then I woke up and realized that I don't live on the beach in Northern California.  No wonder everything died.

There are, however, some fantastic grasses that thrive in our coastal rainforest conditions, and apparently so far in my own backyard too...

Carex buchananii

Carex comans

Calamagrostis actutiflora "Karl Foerster"

Carex testacea

And if you know me, I couldn't leave the nursery (and go back the next day) without filling my pockets with some new plants.  I will scrape together a post later this week and show you what I did!  Hopefully nothing will die before then...


  1. I love your grasses! I never put much thought into them, but now you have my mind reeling! Have you heard of Rd Rooster Grass? Its reddish and curls at the end- you might enjoy it- what a fun course!

  2. Red Rooster Grass is pictured above- "Carex buchananii"! I am using it all over my garden and I love it. So low maintenance, evergreen, and also looks great in pots. Gives me a bit of a desert-y California feel too!

    Ya the course was interesting, this nursery offers a ton of free classes so I'm going to try to take more throughout the summer!



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