19 June 2011

spring babies

Last week I was out and about in the yard and noticed something that looked a little different in one corner...

What I thought was some kind of new landscape rock turned out to be 4 little raccoon kits:

I always knew we had a raccoon den under a retaining wall on the far end of the property, but it never really bothered me because they never bothered us! But these little guys had crawled right out of the den and were huddled together out in the open, each trying to squirm their way to the middle to keep warm.  There was no sign of mom around, but I figured she may just be out getting food so I snapped these photos and left them there.  The dog doesn't have access to this part of the yard so I wasn't worried about that, although we have a ton of these Barred Owls that I'm sure would have appreciated an easy meal.

The next morning I went to check on the kits and they were in the exact same spot, squirming around a bit but with no sign of mom.  I called the SPCA WildARC to see if this is normal that they would be left for so long, and I suppose my suspicions were valid because according to their lead rehabilitator, it was very strange that they would be outside of the den for that period of time.  So I called my mom and my sister and strapped on some welding gloves and put each of the little buggers into a bucket for their trip to the wildlife rehabilitation centre!  I haven't received any updates but I hope they are happy and healthy!

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