22 June 2011

roadkill decor

I know that it's not time for a "friday wants" post yet, but something happened on my morning commute today that made my mind spin a mile a minute.  I passed a dead peacock on the highway.  No, I don't have any photos of it, and yes, I considered turning right around and jamming the thing in my trunk if it was in decent shape.

I have been hoping for a long time that I might come across a peacock that had died of "natural causes" (a pickup truck is a natural cause, right?)

Why on earth would I want to do such a thing?  Because look at the price of this.

Yup, $2500 + shipping + customs & duty charges.

One of my girlfriends has a hunting license and kindly offered to "pick off" one of her mother's neighbors' peacocks and take it to her taxidermist for me.  I declined her generous offer, hoping that someday I might come across one in the forest that had died of some kind of disease.  I have the perfect spot for a taxidermied male peacock in an alcove in my living room, which has huge vaulted ceilings.

I was thinking it would look incredible with its feathers gracefully flowing down the wall.

Like this:

Oh, and it's perfectly normal to be jealous of my photoshopping skills.  All it takes is patience and practice, guys.

Anyways, I feel incredibly guilty and hypocritical about this desire to have a dead bird as a decoration in my home.  Which is why I would never pay for a stuffed bird knowing it had been bred and killed specifically for this purpose.  (Please disregard the cowhide rug in one of my previous posts.  I'm sure that this cow died of natural causes as well.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

For those of you who can't imagine having a peacock in your own living space, get a load of these beautiful interiors...

Photo: Eric Bowman

Photo: Sarah Coffey

Designer: Celerie Kemble

Did I change your mind?  No?  Well that's okay, because with my luck and at that price I don't think I'll be showing off a new stuffed peacock in my living room anytime soon!

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