23 June 2011

fence post

We have two major house projects going on this summer.  One is a new fence and the other is painting the entire exterior.  These are proving to be no small feats.  For whatever reason I assumed that building a fence was a 2-weekend kind of job; I should know by now that house improvements are never as easy as they seem!

This is kind of hard to explain, but the previous owner had installed a chain link fence for her dogs, however in doing so had cut the backyard in half.

Let's try this in photos:

I was standing in between the two fences while taking these photos.  It just doesn't make any sense...there is about a 600 square foot area that is not being utilized whatsoever because the chain link makes it feel like the backyard stops there.  So, we are currently ripping out this chain link fence and building a new fence in place of the old wood fence which was at the very edge of the yard above the retaining wall.  We had to build a new one because the existing one (see photo above) was not sufficient for corralling the hound.  Not that he would run away, he would just terrorize the resident deer, otters, raccoons, quails, rabbits, and occasional cougar.  (Yup, there was a cougar spotted in this forest last year.)

So far, this new fence has made a massive improvement to our backyard and we're not even halfway finished.  We are actually spending more time in the living room than ever before, just gazing out the windows at these beautiful hunks of cedar. 

Here is a sneak peek:

The posts are 6x6 cedar and the handrails, also cedar, we scored for *free* from a leftover deck project at the in-law's place.  I liked the idea of using painted post saddles instead of mounting the posts directly into the concrete.  We routered some detail into the posts, sanded the heck out of them, and then stained them with a transparent Benjamin Moore acrylic stain in "teak". 

Here is a closeup of the detail:

So sexy, right?  Now, for the middle section.  We wanted to have something we could see through, to be able to enjoy the views of the forest.  I thought about going cheap and just buying a roll of chicken wire to staple to the outside.  I thought about using glass panels.  Then the proverbial light bulb went off:

Stainless steel aircraft cable!  The turnbuckles needed to tighten each length don't come cheap, but we are still shopping around looking for quotes.  Funny enough, the people that have been the most helpful are from sailboat rigging companies.  Apparently they do a lot of these residential fence jobs. 

Anyways, we are building the gates this weekend and will hopefully have cable installed by mid-July.   (Update...you can see the finished project here!)

I will leave you with a snapshot of a just-bloomed peony I discovered in the garden this morning.  Too bad they don't last longer as cut flowers!


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